In Case of Breakup, Read These Cat Comics

Breaking up is hard to do - understatement of the year, right? Breakups are a difficult part of life - bumpy patches in the road that can lead to a few lonely nights spent digging your way out from under a pile of tissues to remind Netflix that, yes, you're still binging your way through the Romance section.

But luckily for cat people, we have a four-legged support system waiting at home to help us through the rough patches, even if their approach is something akin to "tough love." Comic artist Claude Combacau wittily captures the struggles of a breakup and how our cats help, uh, comfort us in these trying times of heartbreak. 

1. "You're not alone if you have a cat! So get up and feed me." 

2. "All I can say, hooman, is learn to take a compliment."

3. "The real reason we knock your phone off the table? So you don't text your ex." 

4. "Like how when I shove my butt in your face? " 


5. "The only photos you need to look at are photos of me." 


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6. "I actually just want to chase the ball around." 

7. "No time to think about her when you've got me to think about!"

8. "It's called counter-stimulation, hooman. Look it up."

9. "It looks better this way, anyway. She always had the worst taste."

10. "I'm definitely throwing these away and not hiding the bag so I can eat them later." 

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mother's day gift ideas mother's day gift guide cat lovers gifts cat mom gifts

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