How to Survive Being Single on Valentine's Day 2018

If you're single and you know it, pet your cat!

It can be hard to stay single. Okay, so it’s not really hard to stay single. I can stay single without even breaking a sweat! But it can be hard to stay single and positive, especially on Valentine’s Day; When over-priced, heart-shaped candies and chocolates rain from the skies and a creepy, diaper-clad man-child shoots arrows at people, or something. Thank goodness for Singles Awareness Day, I guess.

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This Valentine's Day promises to be brighter, though. You see, my Valentine is always there when I need him. He can always make me feel better, without ever even saying a word. He’s the best snuggler around. If you haven’t guessed where I’m going with this, my Valentine is … Well, it’s my cat. My cat is my Valentine.


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So how exactly do you survive being single on Valentine's Day?

1. Open that bottle of wine you've been saving. Don't worry, you don't have to share your bottle with the cat. You can get some Pinot Meow Cat Wine just for him and keep that bottle all to yourself.

pinot meow cat wine wine for cats


treat yourself cat gifts crazy cat lady gifts

2. Treat yourself. Buy your sassy, single self something bold and new - something that makes you feel fierce. Strut your stuff down the makeshift catwalk in your living room and show your cat what it means to look single and sassy with these knee-high catyhose.  

black cat leggings striped cat leggings


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3. Treat your cat. They are your Valentine, after all! And valentine's deserve a gift or two (if they've been good kitties this year). If your cat doesn't think a nice, relaxing spa day is the best gift around, then these delicious Ciao Cat Treats  in our For Cats section are the purrfect gift for your feline valentine.  

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4. Do something adventurous. Or you and your Valentine could have one too many bottles of that cat wine and decide to get a tattoo ... Well, let's not get tat-too carried away. You could always go for something less permanent, but still just as striking, like these statement-making tattoo pantyhose

shin print panythose tattoo leggings


keyboard cat  

5. Avoid scrolling through Facebook (especially your ex's).  Listen to your cat. Don't look up that profile. Just say "No."


netflix and chill netflix binge funny cats

6. Netflix and chill (the wine). Get out the comfy robe (or maybe snuggle into this warm, fuzzy cat onesie), grab some snacks and pop open that last bottle of vino. There's gotta be something you haven't binged on Netflix yet!


cat onesie adult onesie meowingtons

7. Keep calm and hug your cat. When in doubt, remember: You're never alone when you have a cat! They love you for you, just the way you are (or something).

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So come Valentine's Day/Singles Appreciation Day, remember to keep your chin up, and may the kitty cuddles (and headbutts) always be with you!

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meowingtons cat accessories cat apparel cat clothes cat sweater cat earrings cat rings cat sale










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