How to Look Your Best for Your Next Video Call

Video conferencing is nothing new. But with lockdowns and restrictions being put in place due to the novel coronavirus, more people than ever are communicating through video conferencing as they work from home. Whether you're an expert at video calls or you're still acclimating to Zoom conferences, we've got a few tips to help you look absolutely purr-fect for your next video call. 

1. Lighting

When it comes to video calls, lighting is key! Natural light is your best friend - try to find a window in your home that lets in the most light, and set up your call there. If that's not possible, try to put as much light in front of you as you can. You could even take the lampshade off your lamp if needs must! 

One tip is to avoid backlighting whenever possible. Sitting with large windows or bright lights behind you can make you appear darkly lit. Light up your face, not your back!   

2. Dress from the Waist Up

Featuring the Classy Cat Collared Blouse 

For Zoom meetings, it's all about dressing from the waist up. Do your makeup, style your hair, accessorize and pick the perfect top -  and then wear some sweatpants and slippers if you want. That way you can have the best of both worlds - comfort and style.

Wondering what top to wear? A bold color might help to brighten up your day. Or wear a blouse with a collar that pops - like our Cat Collared Blouse. A subtle bit of feline flair while still looking professional. Or is that purr-fessional? 

Just make sure to have everything you need within reach so you don't have to get up mid-meeting and accidentally reveal your PJ bottoms. 


3. Accessorize 

Featuring the Sphynx Cat Ring 

Accessorizing when working from home can be another great way to add a bit of fun and flair while helping keep you motivated. It seems silly, but dressing up and putting on a few fun accessories can help snap you out of the monotony of being stuck at home. Dressing as you normally would for work, accessories included, can help get you out of that WFH rut. 

For your next video call, try popping on a necklace or ring to zhuzh up your everyday look. If you're a cat lover like us, wearing a cat ring can add a bit of fun, feline flair and express your true inner cat lady. Why not? 


4. Consider the Backdrop

Featuring the Friend to Street Cats Poster 

While some video calls have the ability to insert a static background, you can take a moment and have a bit of fun creating a new, exciting backdrop for your video calls. It's a wonderful opportunity to express your creativity and style in a subtle way. For example, you could freshen up your sofa or decorative chair with a new toss pillow or hang a poster to add a bit of personality and flair. 

5. Minimize "Guest Appearances"

If you're here on the Meowingtons blog, chances are you're a cat owner. And we know that a video conference wouldn't really be complete unless there was a cat walking across your keyboard midsentence. And while it's a charming first introduction and all your coworkers are likely more than happy to see a furry face (besides Bill from accounting), cats can be quite a distraction when it comes to video calls. It's important to set boundaries with your kitty when it comes to working from home to help minimize these feline "guest appearances." We've also got some tips to help you stay productive when working from home with cats!  

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