Halloween is Coming - Get Ready With Costumes For You AND Your Cat

Who needs to wait 'til October to get spooky? It's #Spooktember and Spooky Season has already begun, after all! If you AND your cat are looking to creep it cute this Halloween and just can't wait, we've collected some of the cutest Halloween cat costumes out there. 

If you're going to dress your favorite feline up in a costume this Halloween, here are some tips and tricks for training your cat to actually wear Halloween costumes! Getting all decked out should be a fun (and treat-filled) experience for your cat, too. 

So, without further a-boo, get ready to find the purr-fect selfie-worthy pet costume! 


1. Dinosaur Cat Costume - $ 14.95

Looking for a cute cat costume to put your kitty in for a photoshoot? Well, look no further - Because this unique dinosaur cat costume is an adorable green outfit with yellow spikes, which will make any recipient of this picture smile. The body piece is designed to easily slip on with a three snap button attachment that will fit your cat comfortably.

Halloween Dinosaur Cat Costume


2. Bumblebee Cat Costume $ 14.95

We promise your kitty will look adorable in this colorful black and yellow costume. Featuring a hood and two antennae, you can slip this cozy plush cat costume on easily with snap button closures. The little pompoms are guaranteed to make you smile!


3. Pirate Cat Costume - $14.95

Argh, matey! Transform your cat into the scourge of the Seven Seas with the Pirate Cat costume! This adorable cat outfit fits over your cat's two front legs in a pair of fabulous pantaloons fit for any piratical cat. It also features two fake arms, one with a fearsome hook even Captain Hook would envy. 


6. Bunny Cat Costume - $ 14.95

Transform your kitty from feline to Easter bunny in this irresistibly cute and comfy piece. Featuring a hood with fluffy plush bunny ears, this pink costume easily slips on and off with three snap button closures. You won't be able to contain your hops of excitement when you see you kitty in this - it's just that cute!

Halloween Bunny Cat Costume


7. Peacock Cat Costume - $14.95

This unique two-piece peacock cat costume is an adorable blue and green outfit that will make any recipient of this picture smile. The body piece is designed to easily slip on with a velcro attachment and the elastic headband fits your cat comfortably. 

Halloween Peacock cAt Costume


8. Doctor Cat Costume - $ 14.95 

Featuring a white lab coat over a pair of scrubs, you can dress your fine feline up as a very purr-fessional Meowidith Grey.

Halloween Doctor Cat Costume



9. Princess Unicorn Cat Ears Headband - $8.95 

This lightweight unicorn headband features an iridescent spiral unicorn horn set amidst a backdrop of a pastel rainbow tulle and a delicate array of purple and pink roses. Princess Unicorn Cat Headband


10. Halloween Cat Skater Skirt - $39.95

It’s time to get spooky, friends! Channel the spirit of the Halloween season with our Halloween Cat Skater Skirt! Filled with spooky feline delights from hem to hem, this cute Halloween skirt is purrfect for teachers, students, and any Halloween party!

Halloween Cat Print Skater Skirt


11. Boudoir Cat Ears Headband - $7.95

Make everyone purr with these lovely lace cat ears headband that are a purr-fectly appropriate accessory to jazz up your fancy frock.

Boudoir Black Cat Ears Headband

12. Resting Witch Face V-Neck T-Shirt - $29.95

Channel your inner witch (and your inner cat lover) and get into the Halloween spirit and bring a bit of whimsy and magic to your wardrobe during this spooky season. 

Resting Witch Face V-Neck T-Shirt


13. LED Floral Cat Ears Headband - $ 10.95

Light up any room you walk into with this light-up LED Floral Cat Ears Headband! With a bright pop of purple, these floral cat ears are the purrfect accessory for a party, event, festival, or just to wear it for a fun night out with your fellow cat ladies! 

LED Floral Cat Ears Headband



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