10 Unique Father's Day Gifts For The Cat Daddy In Your Life

Father's Day is coming our way! If you're on the prowl for the perfect gift for the Cat Daddy in your life, we've got you covered.  Because we know firsthand that Cat Dads don't get enough love - we know you're out there, Cat Dads! 

1. Custom Pet Mug

What do you get for the Dad that has everything? A personalized gift featuring their favorite pet might be the purr-fect fit. Whether cat, dog, or turtle (yes, turtle), we can print any pet on any of our custom items, ranging from mugs, blankets, tote bags and even a pet bed. Shop our Print Your Pet collection here


2. Mouse Hunt Cat Toy, APP-CONTROLLED

The Mouse Hunt Cat Toy is the purrfect way for the Cat Dad in your life to get in even more playtime with the kitties they love. Simply download the app on your Smartphone, connect your Bluetooth, and the fun begins! 


3. World's Okayest Cat Dad Mug

For the Dads out there with a sense of humor, we've got the world's best cat dad mug for the World's, well, Okayest Cat Dad! 

world's okayest cat dad mug 

4. Real Men Love Cats T-Shirt

Break the “crazy cat lady” stereotype with this cat guy shirt and let the world know that men love cats, too! Available in two colors and in sizes up to 5XL,  printed in the US.

Real Men Love Cats Graphic T-Shirt

5. A new cat tree.

If your family is tired of your cat trees sticking out like a sore thumb, something more modern and minimalist might be right up your alley. The Perch Tree Cat Tower is the ideal bird-watching perch and scratcher for your kitties, and it looks great with your decor. (Assembly instructions are included even though we know your Cat Dad won't need them.)

modern wood cat tree for cat dads


6. Purrvana Cat T-shirt

Classic rock meets kitties - check out our other classic band tees, including HISS (KISS) and The Rolling Cones. 


7. Pizza Cat Bed

This tasty bed is a deep dish delight for any feline or feline fanatic. The plush pillows double as kicker toys! 


8. Shit Together Cat Mug

Pobody's Nerfect! The purrfect mug for your desk at home or in the office. 


9. Telescoping Fishing Pole Cat Toy

For those days when your dad can't get out on the boat to catch some fish, they can reel in a whopper at home. The Fishing Pole Cat toy featuring a cushioned grip for your comfort and a telescoping rod so you can adjust the length to your cat’s liking. 


10.  World's Okayest Cat Dad T-shirt

If your dad's not all that into mugs, say it with a t-shirt! 

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