Did You Know You Can Get a Tattoo With Ink Made From Your Cat's Fur?

What would you to do keep your cat part of your life forever?

One model from Germany went above and beyond to keep her cat, Gizmo, close to her forever: she got a tattoo of him. It’s not unusual for pet owners to get a tribute tattoo of their beloved felines. But Kathrin Toelle’s tattoo tribute to Gizmo is a bit different: it was created with specialized ink made from his fur.

Toelle transformed Gizmo’s fur into a beautiful work of art, a huge tattoo of Gizmo’s fluffy face on her upper thigh. Her tattoo artist was Roman Abrego at Artistic Element Tattoo in Yucaipa, California, and she traveled all the way from Germany to California to get the tattoo of her beloved feline. Gizmo is alive and well, by the way! 

Toelle received her special cat-fur ink from Swiss tattoo company called Skin46. Skin46 offers this innovative inking technique to clients seeking to remember their loved ones, human or feline, forever.


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The company “medically extracts” the clean, organic carbon from human (or animal) hair that clients send it. They then transform the extracted carbon materials into tattoo ink so you can keep your loved one close, or literally under your skin, as Toelle puts it.  

The entire process takes costs around $700, and requires 5 grams of hair or fur. Each batch of fur sent in can be turned into enough ink for 30 small tattoos or 10 larger ones.

Toelle, who has another cat, says she would consider getting another feline fur tattoo in the future because she enjoys the connection it provides her to her pets.

What do you think? Would you get a cat-fur tattoo?


cat-themed accessories cat jewelry cat clothes cat apparel  

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