These Cat Beds Are The Best Things Since Sliced Bread

Introducing the best (read: cutest) things since sliced bread: The Pizza Cat Bed and Sprinkle Cupcake Cat Bed!

Meowingtons is excited to announce our brand-new, exclusive line of cat beds! Click here to purr-chase meow! 


Your kitty can cuddle up to a warm, delicious pizza ...

Or catnap their way to the sweetest dreams they've ever had in a cupcake!

If you're more of a savory type, the Pizza Cat Bed is the ideal slice of cheesiness - and comfort! 

Each Pizza Cat Bed is made from soft, plush fabric and stuffed with a cushion to offer orthopedic support.

And even though cats can't taste sweetness, they'll look as sweet as can be in a li'l cupcake.

With its raised edges, the cupcake bed is ideal for keeping in your kitty's body heat as they sleep - ensuring they stay as warm and toasty as can be. 

And don't furrget the cherry on top! 

Literally! Each cupcake bed comes with an assortment of sprinkle pillows and a delightful cherry pillow. 

Each pepPURRoni pillow is stuffed with a squeaker, making this the ideal bed for small dogs, too.

The anchovy pillows do not include squeakers, but they make the perfect kicker toys if rubbed with a little catnip! 

 And don't furrget about the Fruit Tart Cat Bed

Featuring adorable stuffed fruit pillows and a soft pastry shell, your kitty will be sure to have sweet dreams! These fruit pillows are also stuffed with squeakers, fun for felines and canines alike. 

Want to spoil your fine feline with this sweet treat? Click here to read more about our beds! Meow! 


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