Curious Cat Loses Library Privileges But Wins Internet Fame

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This is Max. Max's hobbies include going for long walks, socializing with groups of humans, and trespassing. 

Max is also currently under house arrest.  

Adopted a little over a year ago by owner Connie Lipton, Max the Cat is a bit of a traveling tabby; and he has a penchant for wandering where he's not supposed to go. The ginger tabby has a habit of gallivanting around town "without any apparent purpose or chaperone."

He became exceptionally fond of the college campus across the street from his house, where his human dad is a professor. When dad left for work, Max would accompany him on the walks, then would generally loiter around the college's library. Max even attended lectures. 



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Lipton describes Max as a bit of a party animal. "He just likes to be where there are a lot of people who might pay attention to him," Lipton told TODAY. But the feeling isn't always mutual for poor Max, who was banned from the college's library after he wandered in a few too many times. 

The library staff were worried about Max accidentally getting locked in the library overnight, and one of the team has severe cat allergies. Max would wait outside the doors to be let in; kind folks would usually oblige, much to the library's chagrin. Cue the sign that brought Max his viral success:


Max was even caught on camera scheming his way into the library.



Professor Rebecca Wingo posted the photo of the sign because she thought "it was a funny commentary on library access and patronage," she told TODAY. "For me and some of the other librarians on campus, it's a fascinating case study of digital culture, intellectual property and copyright."  

Needless to say, it wasn't long before Max's plight went viral. As his story was shared, support for Max poured in. Fans of the adventurous feline even made Max his own library card in attempts to get the library to lift its Max-centric ban. 



The library hasn't been swayed by Max's internet fame. And Max is no longer allowed outside the house without supervision: "house arrest," as Lipton says. 

Max is not too keen on being under lock and key. But to give him the company and adventures he desires, Lipton takes Max on walks on a leash with a harness which allows him to see his campus friends. You can follow Max the Cat and his much less adventurous sister, Gracie, on their Instagram


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  • Theresa

    Cute story showing the determination of a cat’s desire for companionship. But roaming outdoors unsupervised can be dangerous so it is best he is under “house arrest”.

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