CYBER MONDAY Deals Your Cat Doesn't Want You to Miss

Ever wonder why your cat has an affinity for lying on your laptop? Our theory? Cats are trying to drop some not-so-subtle hints that they want some new cat stuffs. Or using their feline knowledge of all things Internets, your cat knows that Meowingtons is having huge Cyber Monday sales and they don't what you to miss out.

PSST - you can get 60% OFF the entire site RIGHT MEOW using code 'CYBER2020' at checkout - an exclusive treat for our readers.

It also may or may not be a ploy to get you to order stuff online just so they can play with the box it comes in. Our suggestion? Don't leave the computer unattended, you might end up with 10 boxes of catnip!

Here are 10 Cyber Monday deals your kitty simply doesn't want you to miss!

1. Mouse Hunt Cat Toy

This app-controlled cat toy will satisfy your cat’s natural instinct to hunt, while you control the mouse directly from your phone!

mouse hunt cat toy cyber monday

2. Pizza Cat Bed

Slice off a piece of heaven with the Pizza Cat Bed! 


3. Cat Eared Pouch Sweater

Finally, a gift that you and your cat can both enjoy! This comfy pouch sweater will allow you to get your keep your cat close - and get your kitty cuddles in on the go.

cat pouch hoodie

4. Pinot Meow and MosCATo Cat Wine

Stuff your cat's stocking with a bottle of catnip-infused, non-alcoholic cat wine - Meow with an ALL NEW formula! A great gift for the cat lover - and their cat!  

5. Modern Wave Cat Tree 

Provide your cat with the ultimate playtime and naptime experience without sacrificing your home décor!

6. Catnip Bubbles

Our Catnip Bubble solution is a fun and healthy herbal infused bubble solution designed to promote exercise (and utter excitement) in your cat!

Photo: Kaninpersians, Meowingtons Ambassador


7. Give your cat the spa day they deserve with the Cat Face Massager!

It’s tough being a cat, after all! You have to pick which spots to nap in and deal with constant attention from your loving human. So give them a relaxing meowssage with this delightful kitty cat massager



8. Perch Cat Tree Tower

Provide your cat with the ultimate playtime and naptime experience without sacrificing your home décor!

9. Diva Cat Grooming Glove

Incorporate grooming into quality petting time with a grooming glove, which fits over your hand and acts as petting but grooms your cat at the same time.

10.  Ciao Puree Cat Treats

Your cat will be sayin' meow for Ciao. It's like go-gurt, but for cats! Each squeezable tube is filled with a pureed blend made with real, farm-raised chicken! These unique treats are high in moisture and are available in seven delectable varieties for your cat to choose from!

ciao cat treat puree cat treat


11. Diamond Cat Ears Ring

Who says you can't treat yourself too this Cyber Monday? Try the Diamond Cat Ears Ring on for size!


12. Tropicat Pineapple Pin

Winter is here, but you can get into a tropical state of mind with this cute pineapple cat pin!







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