10 Cozy Things That'll Make You WANT to Stay Home With Your Cat

It's tough to be stuck at home. But that doesn't mean you can have fun making it cozy. Take your cozy game to the next level for both you and your cat. Plus, get 25% off all the cozy items in our Stay Home Collection.


1. The Starlight Cat Fairy Lights add a bit of relaxing mood lighting to your desk or room.


2. Cuddle with your cat and carry 'em with you wherever you go with the Cat Eared Pouch Sweatshirt! 


3. Why drink alone when you can drink with your cat? Your cat can drink some Pinot Meow Cat Wine while you sip your Pinot Noir. 

Our cat wine is completely non-alcoholic and made from organic ingredients like catnip extract.

Featuring @moesandmattie


4.  Snuggle up with your kitty with the More Naps Sherpa Fleece Blanket.


5. Keep your tootsies warm (and match toe beans with your kitty) with a pair of Cat Paw Socks!


6. Give your cat sweet dreams, guaranteed in the Sprinkle Cupcake Cat Bed!


7. Everybuddy needs a cuddle buddy sometimes! Milton the Cat Pillow Plush is the purrfect fit for you or your feline. 



8. Freshen up your sofa with a new toss pillow cover even your kitty will love to cuddle up to. 


9. Take a break and do a bit of coloring with the Color My Cover Mermaid Notebook! 


10. And last but not least, a deep dish delight for you and your cat: the Pizza Cat Bed

Pizza Cat Bed

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