Ciao is the New Cat's Meow!

Your cats will be meowin' for a taste of Ciao chow! 

Most of us cat guardians know that our precious, furry children tend to give their love to anyone (or anything) that feeds them, even if it happens to be an inanimate object.

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Bonding with persnickety kitties can be challenging at times, and short of using superglue to ensure a lasting bond, it can be hard to find the right treats for a picky cat. But these Ciao Churu™ cat treats are an exciting, interactive snack that will have your cat eating right out of your hand – literally!

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These unique treats come in two styles: a delicious, creamy chicken purée and a fresh, juicy tuna fillet soaked in crab broth. The purée is individually packaged in four foil tubes, and is somewhat reminiscent of a certain children’s yogurt snack. But maybe don’t feed it to your human kids. I mean, Ciao cat treats are made from human-grade ingredients, but your feline children are sure to appreciate it more. 

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(Note: Okay really though don’t feed it to your human children. It’s for the kitties, not the kiddies.)

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Ciao purées and fillets are made from consciously sourced ingredients, free of grains and preservatives to help ensure the health of your beloved cat. The skipjack tuna harvested from the Western Pacific by a select fleet of fishing boats that practice and comply with dolphin-safe fishing methods. Ciao chickens come from cage-free family farms located near their state-of-the-art, FDA-registered facilities in Thailand. 

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The folks at Ciao seem to know their kitty science. See, the ancestors of our beloved house cats evolved in desert climates, where their main source of water came from the bodies of their prey. As descendants of these desert-dwelling felines, this might be why some of our house cats prefer wet food and moist treats over hard kibbles.

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Science! For Cats!

Ciao Churu (Churu means delicious, by the way) purée and the Tuna Fillets in Crab Broth are the purrfect treats for cats of any age, but they're especially handy for cats with sensitive teeth or even a senior kitty with decreased appetite. You can feed them the purée as a standalone treat or mix it in with their dry food as a tasty topper. They even make a delicious birthday (or adoption day) treat to spoil your cat on their special day!

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My senior cat has an extremely (read: annoyingly) selective palate and I can’t count the number of times he’s turned his nose up at what I thought looked to be a delectable kitty treat. But after I was given the Chicken Puree to give to my crotchety old tabby, he pretty much inhaled the Chicken puree. And he gave me a few licks in thanks before sprinting off to take an old man nap. I'm pretty sure it was a thank-you lick. He might've just been looking for leftovers, though. Beggars can't be choosers, though, right? 

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My cats are already meowing for some more Ciao, and there's only one tube left to split between the two of them.
Buy yours here! 

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