Felines Taking Part in All The Thanksgiving Fun

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When you think of Thanksgiving, you think of lots of your family sitting around and stuffing your faces. Here are some adorable photos of people who let their cats in on the fun.


"Oh, hello...you're too late, I have eaten all the turkey as payment for being dressed as a turkey."


"In order to truly appreciate the noms, you must become the noms."

"*sigh* 'Gobble, gobble.' Can I change now?



"You may join me for my Fancy Feast, I suppose.  You have to sit at the Kittens' table, though." 


"If I give you my best puppy eyes, will you gives me a turkey?"

"How does that song go? Bye, bye, the cat ate your pie~"

thanksgiving cat meowingtons


"Too ... much ... turkeys ... can't ... move ..."

thanksgiving cat meowingtons


"What turkey?"

thanksgiving cat meowingtons


"If we have to wear the traditional Catsgiving Purrlgrim outfits, we better get to have traditional Catsgiving tuna. It's, like, the turkey of the sea." 



Now that Meowingtons sells Cat Wine these cats are SO excited for this Thanksgiving gathering. 


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  • Paula Cox

    I love your site and always dream about buying. Can’t afford it yet but will one day, be ready cause I’ll buy everything I really love, like the cat mountain mouse pad and a scarf, tissue holder and whatever else I can find that I can add to my rather growing cat collection of mugs, statues, notebooks, books, ornaments, signage, collar jewelry, piggy banks and one day my own jewelry. Good luck with your site as its amazing.

    Thanks for letting me comment

    Cheers Paula J Cox

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