11 Cats Who Just Won't Obey the Laws of Physics

These cats will make you think, "Is that cat broken?" Nope! They're just cats being cats, casually defying the laws of physics and bending the laws of nature. Whether they're bouncing off the walls at 4 am or sleeping in positions only a contortionist could find comfortable, here are 11 cats who just won't obey your stupid physics, human! 


1. You've heard of Elf on the Shelf? Get ready for Chonk on the Tronk. 

2. Auditioning for Cirque du Soleil?  

3. "...don't say a word, Karen."


4. "What? The floor is lava!"

5. The Floor is Lava, EXTREME Edition


6. Gravity? What's that?


7. I think my cat is broken. 


8. How? And also, Why? 


9. This kitty has clearly seen one too many Batman movies. 


10. Maybe it tastes better upside down. 


11. *record scratch* You might be wondering how I wound up here ...


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