10 Cats You Can Relate To If You're a Chronic Napper

If there is one thing cats can do, it's nap. They're the world's most graceful nappers ... usually.  Now, waking up from a nap gracefully? That's a whole different story. If you're a professional napper, you might relate to some of these cats. 

1. Napping is a gamble. You might wake up feeling refreshed, or you might wake up feeling like:

2. When you nap so deep you wake up not knowing what time of day it is ...  


 3. Or even what year it is.

4. How it looks when you wake up from a "power nap" and try to read your text messages.

5. Or when wake up from a road trip nap and don't know what state you're in.

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6. This cat is all of us when that "15-minute nap" turns into a 4-hour sleep-a-thon.

7. Or when you wake up before you can finish that really cool dream.

8. Because you know you have to go back and face reality.

9. And then when you finally manage to sit up, you just sit there trying to get yourself pumped up to actually get out of bed.

10. Or when you set an alarm like a responsible adult but hit snooze for another 5 minutes of sleep but wake up next Wednesday instead ...

11. And when you actually wake up feeling refreshed, there's nothing like that first stretch!  


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