17 Cats That Are Absolutely Sleighing Their Christmas Outfits


These cats didn't come to play, they came to sleigh. These fierce, festive felines are proof that cats don't have to hate costumes. In fact, they can totally and completely slay them ... and slay in them. Look out, mice! Join us as we journey into a whimsical whisker wonderland with a roundup  of our favorite holiday kitties, recently entered into our Deck the Paws holiday cat photo contest! The contest has ended, but we wanted to shine another spotlight on these festive felines. 

Without further ado, here are some fierce kitties ready to sleigh this holiday season. 


1. This kitty who's ready to help Santa Paws. 

“There’s room for everyone on the Nice List!” - Elf (Instagram


2. And this cat who will definitely pull Santa's sleigh ... if there are enough treats. 

"Lulu, the patient house cat
Has a set of antlers brown,
She likes to wear them sitting
Also when she’s lying down.

All of the kids and kittens
Call her names and point and laugh
Lulu just sits there grinning
Posing for a photograph!" - Trudi Benford


3. This festive feline fashion icon.

"Roscoe P. Kitty Kitty enjoys getting into the holiday spirit!" - Travis


4. This kitty, who's just absolutely chock full of the Christmas spirit:

"Meowy Hissmas!!"  - Amber Smith

5. This cute blep and cute scarf:

"Star, a blep, and her scarf!" - Hannah

6. This Catmas tree, whose whiskers are so lovely!

"I'm feline pine!" - Emma 



7. This picture purr-fect Santa Claws.

"My baby who passed away this year. He was and always will be the most handsome Santa Claws." - Lisette Coll-Roman


8. This Grinch, who's not too happy about being on the Naughty List!

Petunia may be a bit more naughty than nice, but I’ll never regret adopting a senior kitty. ❤️



9. And this kitty in her perfectly poised hat! 

"This is Jabi ! She’s 4 years old black smoke feline and she’s a mix breed of Scottish + Maine Coon. Jabi survived a fall from 12 story, traveled with us by car from Washington state to Florida and back! She loves hats, bugs and coconut ! and she's also a horse after midnight and gallops!"- Lamiya



10. And this super duper teeny tiny Santa's li'l helper:

"Tink Tink of St. Sophia’s Forgotten Felines." - Melissa



11. This perfectly packaged pair:

Starring Jinkx and Venus! - Claudia 



12. And this cute kitten in its very best sweater-vest!  

"Meowy Christmas!" - Hannah



13. And this kitty who looks like a Christmas decoration:

Starring Charlotte & Becky!  



14. This delightfully grumpy Grinchy Claws:

Cleo says: “You’ve got to be kitten me right meow” - Amelia



15. This kitty who looks like they could star in the "Santa Baby" musical number from Mean Girls:

Getting into the Holiday spirit! 🎄🎁 - @danteelgalante 



16. This kitty, who's just absolutely chock full of the Christmas spirit:

"Meowy Hissmas!!"  - Amber Smith


17.  And this Christmas chonk in her adorable bandana:

Piglet trying her best to get on the nice list this year 🐱🐾🎄 - Aspen

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