Cats Who Have Mastered the Art of The Photobomb


It turns out cats like to be the center of attention. Hm, who could ever have guessed? I wonder what happens when they're not in the limelight for 0.25 seconds ...  


"My audience needs me, Jessica!"

grey gardens cat memes


"I swear I saw the red dot!"

photobomb cat photonuke


"Of course "I do" weddings." 

cat wedding


“I know what you did last summer, Dog. I saw what you buried in the backyard.”

cat photobombs dog


“The purr was coming from inside the house …”

ghost cat white persian





“Dump him. The man got us fruit. FRUIT, MARTHA. ”

white cat

“Take a bath, hippie! And get off my lawn.”

hippie tree hugger tortitude


“Am I ... interrupting something?”

hot guys and kittens




pizza cat


Part human. Part cat. All hero: Batcat. The long paw of the law, taking a bite out of crime (if he feels like it). Coming soon to a theater near you.

batcat batman cat


The new Alien vs. Predator looks great. 

yawning cat sleeping cat



"Nobody puts Kitty in the corner."

cats or dogs


"You said we were going to get tuna, straight from the sea. 'Tuna so fresh it's still swimming,' You said. But I see the Vet. I know the truth. You have betrayed my trust and dishonored the family, Sharon. I am shaken to my core, truly."

cat car


"Yes, doesn't the child look so cute as a "cat"? Don't you think she'd look adorable in that little lion outfit you bought for me? No ... no I don't need to try it on first ... please ..."

cat costume baby outfits cat ears hat



cat hiding







  • Dolores

    Great photos…..LOVED the last one! Too funny :)
    Thanks for brightening my day!!

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