11 GIFS of Cats Being Bros

As much as we like to throw shade at our kitties for their seeming indifference, cats are pretty chill. While cats might not immediately jump out as "bro" material,  they are more than capable of being bros. One could argue that they could out-bro any bro, bro. Who needs a frat party when you can have a cat party? (I know. That was bad. I'll see myself out.

So, uh, yeah, here's a collection of photos and GIFs that cogently argue cats are basically the best bros you could ask for.


They're always ready with a supportive and congratulatory brofist when you score the winning point in Table Tennis. 




They've got all the necessary tools to facilitate cracking open a cold one with the boys.





Big bros are always there to help a li'l bro out. 




Well, at least they put on a good show. 



But when it comes down to it, cats have their bro's backs.




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Bros stop you from doing dangerous things.




Or, you know, sometimes they encourage and actively help you to do the stupid thing. 



Bros always help bros out.




Bro Level: Bro Back Rub.



Cats are the best at it back meow-sage! 




Choo choo, all aboard the massage train!


(Ps, the goat in the above gif is in labor and the cat is acting as midwife.)


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