Cat-ception: Cats Within Cats That Will Make You Look Twice

 Welcome to CAT-CEPTION.


catception cat tattoo


Believe it or not, this isn't the first we've seen of cats looking like they're wearing a cat fur coat. 


mindblown gif


If you've never heard of Cat-ception before: it's essentially a cat within a cat.


catception funny cat news cat news


Twitter brought the CAT-CEPTION cats crawling out of the woodwork like the curious creatures they are.

ginger catception


Is this more than just pareidolia? Or does this cat really have another cat's face on it?


catception cat news metacat unusual cat markings

Even lazy cats are getting in on the larger-than-life Catception trend.


crazy cat markings weird cat markings


This cat has a Catloaf on its nose. Perhaps the ultimate form of Cat-ception. 


cat nose marking

And happily, the person who spotted this little kitten on its own with the cat-loaf nose decided to adopt him! 

His name is now Iggy and look how much he's grown!


This cat seems to have been marked with 'cat' in case anyone forgets what it is. 



 Do you have a cat-ceptional experience or photo to share?


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