Cat Reactions for Working Retail on Black Friday


If you work retail on Black Friday, we salute you - because we all know that working retail on Black Friday is akin to surviving the Hunger Games. While tons of other people are at home dining battling to keep their cat off the table, retail workers across the US are facing a battle of their own. Here are 10 cat reactions that sum up what it's like to work retail on the infamous Black Friday. May the odds be ever in your favor! 

(Psst. Want to give retail workers a break this Black Friday? Do all your shopping online! Here are 10 fun things to do on Black Friday besides wait in line.)


1. When you're already doing 5 things and a customer asks you for help:


2. When a customer says they want to speak to the manager and the manager tells them exactly what you said. 


3. The morning of Black Friday, when you're deciding whether to drive to work or across the country to start a new life ...

4. When you're understaffed and customers keep coming at you like ...

5. When your work BFF was supposed to have off but shows up anyway:

6. Trying to stay positive when all you wanna do is go home and eat some turkey:

7. When they play Christmas carols on Black Friday for your entire shift:

Via Loki the Sphynx, Instagram 

8. When you clock in at 9am and then you check the clock three hours later and it's 9:15am:

9. What it looks like when you finally close up but one customer tries to get in:

10. When you know they REALLY need you back on the shop floor but your shift is over:


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