Cat Pins For Folks That Love Cats More Than People

Sometimes people are the worst. But cats are always the best. So for those of us who love cats more than we love people, these pins are the purrfect fit! 


1. Houston, there's no problem! Not with this Catstronaut Space Cat Pin on your space suit. 

2. For the lover of all things cat and kawaii, the Catifornia Roll Sushi Cat Pin is the best of both worlds!

3. Can't get enough kawaii? The Nigiri Sushi Cat Pin is the purrfect blend of foodie and feline fantasy! 


4. The CATSA Space Cat Pin: It's NASA, but for cats! Not a lot of space exploration, but lots of cute cats! 

5. Here's a little song we wrote: Donut Worry, Be Happy

6. Get into the tropical state of mind with the Tropicat Pineapple Pin

7. This Chubby Unicorn Cat Pin is here to make believers of us all: caticorns do exist. 

8. If you’re a Meowingtons fan or just love a cute pin, the Meowingtons Cat Pin is the purrfect fit for you!  

9. Have a little grey tabby at home? The Milton the Cat Pin is the purrfect to take them with you wherever you go! 



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