12 Comics That Illustrate The Weird Things Only Cat Parents Do

It's time for some cat parent confessions! With so many cat parents out there experiencing the unique joy that is cat parenthood, it stands to reason that we'd probably have some things in common when it comes to our favorite four-legged friends. Can you relate to any of these habits? I know if I don't say "Bless you" to my cats when they sneeze, I feel rude. It's only polite, after all! 

Are you guilty of any of these weird things cat parents do? Let us know in the comments!

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1. Cat Huffing - admit it. We've all done it! 

Milton the Cat Comic Cat Parent Confessions

2. All cat parents have probably done this at least once.

3. They're just SO photogenic, how can we resists?

Milton the Cat Comic Cat Parents

4. We've likely all practiced the art of Cat Stacking when boredom strikes.

Milton the Cat Comic Cat Stacking

5. Why are cats such sound sleepers!! 

6. If you don't carry on conversations with your cat, are you even a cat parent?

Milton the Cat Comic Cat Parent Confessions

7. Just some quality bonding time.

milton the cat daily comic 

8. Just a taste wouldn't hurt, right? ...Right?

milton the cat daily comic

9. The emptiest threats:

milton the cat daily comic

10. Put those adorable biscuit makers to work!

Milton The Cat Daily Comic

11. This is so true! My cat's name is Gatsby, but we call him: Catsby, Fatsby, The Great Gatsbini, Beans, Mr. Bean, Bean Boy...and the list goes on!

12. Bad kitties get the Time-Out Sweaters!

Milton the Cat Daily Comic

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