13 Accessories Cat Ladies Will Adore

While the longstanding stereotype of the “cat lady” still exists with some negative connotations, many women have taken to changing the label into something more humorous or affectionate now with its embrace. The term can also be a rallying cry for animal lover or rescuers. Here are some items to celebrate the “cat lady” in you.


Cat Print Neck Gaiter Bundle + 10 PM2.5 Filters 

Designed for lightweight comfort, breathability, and ultimate versatility, each Cat Print Neck Gaiter can be worn over 9 different ways: as a headband, scarf, face mask, neck gaiter, bracelet, and more! This lightweight fabric mask features an inside filter pocket and double-layer fabric design over mouth and nose suitable for replaceable PM2.5 filters (or preferred replacement filter). 



Limited Edition Silk Cat Scrunchies Set 

Allow us to introduce the Meowingtons Limited Edition Silk Cat Scrunchies Set! This cat print scrunchie multipack includes SIX of our Limited Edition Silk Cat Scrunchies: 3 regular scrunchies and 3 skinny scrunchies, one of each fabulous cat print designed right here at Meowingtons! 


Limited Edition Silk Bandana Scarf Set 

Introducing the Meowingtons Limited Edition Silk Bandana Scarf Set! This set includes three silk bandana scarves, one of each of our unique cat patterns exclusive to Meowingtons: Dancing Cats, Floral Cat, and Space Cats.

Crafted from 100% silk, our luxurious cat print bandanas are the purr-fect way for cat lovers to accessorize this summer, with a bandana to match any mood!


Musical Cat Collared Shirt  

Who says dressing up has to be serious? Spice up your look with this classic button-down featuring musical cats. This timeless button-up blouse, complete with its embroidered cat collar is the purrfect statement-making piece to dress up any ensemble. 


Clowder Cat Scarf  

The Clowder Cat Scarf is made up of a 100% chiffon that is both light and airy to hang around your neck in the summer, but long enough to wrap when in need of warmth. This fashionable and feminine print features the silhouette of several cats in their different feline positions. 



Cat Lady Tattoo Catyhose 

Our Cat Lady Tattoo Catyhose promises the thrill of having a tattoo without risk of "tattooers remorse" and combines sleek, chic kitty-cat cuteness with a bit of boldness.



Winking Cat Liner Socks 

No shoes? No problem. This pair of winking kitties is perhaps the cutest duo around – they can quite literally flirt the socks off of just about anybody. This cozy, breathable pair of gray cat socks is made using a high-quality blend that ensures unbeatable lightweight comfort.


Knitted Cat Ears Hat 

Winter is coming, so keep warm with our Knitted Cat Ears Hat! Featuring two cat ears on a wonderfully braided knit pattern, this cat ear beanie is designed to keep your own human ears warm while you look cute as can be. This delightful cat ear beanie makes the purrfect gift for the chilly cat lovers in your life. 


Milton the Cat Bodysuit 

f you’re looking for your next bodysuit obsession, you’ve found it! Featuring the mischievous kitty behind our logo, this bodysuit is guaranteed to spread smiles wherever you go. Pair this short-sleeve bodysuit with a cute pair of pants, cutoffs, shorts, or skirt for a great night out on the town – or a day at the beach! 


Save the Earth Cat Tote Bag 

Moving towards an eco-friendly future one paw step at a time, the Save the Earth Cat Tote is made from sturdy canvas material, easily up to the task of holding your groceries, books, and even a particularly curious cat!

Classy Cat Collared Blouse 

Why listen to the angel on your shoulder when you could have a cat instead? An ideal choice for any classy cat lady on the go, this Cat Collared Blouse gives off an elegant, vintage vibe with a fiercely feline twist. 

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Little Black Cat Dress 

The LBD (little black dress) is a staple every girl has hanging in her closet. There is nothing like the feeling you get when slipping into your go-to LBD.  Slip into this comfortable, one-size-fits-all flowy cat dress that cinches in at the waist to show off your feline curves! 

Spiral Cat Ring

This simple, yet stunning wrap-around cat ring might send you into a spiral of cat obsession!  





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