Artist Transforms Cake Into An Amazing Cat Zoetrope


Food artist Alexandre Dubosc has created a stunning mix of confection and animation in a marvelous zoetrope made of cake, dedicated to all things cat. Appropriately named “Gâteau Gato“, (gâteau meaning cake in French and gato meaning cat in Spanish) the seven-tier cake is a wonderland for cake and cat lovers alike! All it takes is a light push, and the magic begins.

When spinning, this confectionary work of art features famous felines like Maneki-neko, Felix the Cat and a My Neighbor Totoro-inspired Nyan Cat. The details on the cake are astounding, and the zoetropic animation even more so. Almost every inch of the cake is covered in cats, from Maneki-neko playing the piano to a racing Nyan Cat; even the border of wafer-thin cookies feature animated fish and mice when in motion. 

Watch Dubosc's video below for an even closer look at all these details and to watch the cake in motion! 




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