Did You Know Meowingtons Now Carries Books for Cat Lovers?

If you're a bibliophile who doesn't mind a healthy dose of cat hair everywhere, you'll want to peruse our newest selection of cat books! That's right, readers, Meowingtons now offers the purr-fect selection of books for cat lovers. We're talking dream bookshelf, here, folks! You'll love flipping through these books from cover to cover ... And your cats will love sleeping on them. 

The Meowingtons Book Collection is here to fulfill all your litter-ary needs.


Featuring feline fan favorites like Lil BUB and her Lil Book ... 

Grumpy Cat and her cantankerous kitty adventures ... 

And the feline philoso-furr with a serious case of ennui, Henri, le Chat Noir!

henri le chat noir bookPhoto: Catsparella


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And if it's cat advice you're looking for, the Cat Daddy himself has the purrfect book: Catification

catification jackson galaxyAnd as much as ladies love their cats, Men With Cats is the purr-fect reminder that dudes love cats, too! 

Photo: gingersgeorgefluff


With today's busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to find the time to sit down and actually read a book. But we encourage you to take some time for yourself and put your nose in a book!  

Please note that if you purchase a book, Meowingtons cannot be held liable for any feline interruptions that may occur in the process of reading.


Can't get enough of these kitty-cat titles? Our paw-selected Cat Books collection has more books to choose from!


mother's day gift ideas mother's day gift guide cat lovers gifts cat mom gifts

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