Cat Bed, Check...Cat Toys, Check! Cat Elevator...Wait, What?

As cat guardians, we would do almost anything for our pets to make sure they are happy, healthy, and safe. Quality food, playtime, and a safe place from the world’s dangers. And perhaps most importantly to our cats: a comfortable place to sleep and catch some rays from the sun. They have to recharge their batteries somehow!

But one famous YouTuber, Liam Thompson, went above and beyond for his sweet senior cat, Frodo. Frodo’s favorite sunning spot was next to Liam’s pool. Alas, to get to the pool, Frodo had to navigate a full flight of stairs to get to his favorite spot each day. 

“Despite his ancientness, he still insists on hobbling down these stairs every day to sit out in the sun.”

To make the journey easier, Thompson built Frodo an elevator - yes, Frodo riding in the elevator is just as adorable as you can imagine. Using plywood, sliding door rails, and an electric hoist, Thompson created a cat-sized DIY elevator for Frodo. 

After carefully testing the elevator’s safety using stuffed toys, it was ready for the ultimate test. The very chill Frodo rode the elevator to the bottom and then made his way to his favorite sunning spot. After spending some time in the sun, he made his way back home, riding up the elevator. 

Well done, Frodo! 


Frodo’s senior kitty lift isn’t the only of its kind. There are a few other crafty cat parents who have created ingenious ways to help their cats get from A to B in comfort and style.

This cat has a clear plastic elevator that reminds one of the glass elevators from Willy Wonka - I mean, where else would you see a cat in its own elevator? This elevator is fully operated by the cat and even includes an infrared cat door that only allows access to the tag on the cat’s collar. 

Here is a much more manual elevator, though this is more of a dumbwaiter situation with a bit more heavy lifting involved: 

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