8 Ways To Spoil Your Cat Even More Than You Already Are

Even if they don't always act like angels, cats deserve to be spoiled every now and then like any other member of the family!

1. Floating Cat Wall Shelves

Bring the jungle into your living room and turn your house cat into a house lion with The Floating Cat Wall Shelves. These leafy, verdant shelves provide your cat with a natural hiding place from which to survey their kingdom. 


2. Cat Self Groomer Tool

Give your cat access to endless chin scratchies (and hands-free kitty massages) with the Cat Self-Groomer Tool. Your cat will thank you!

3. Cat Haven Luxury Cat Tree

Luxury indeed - bring out your cat's wild side without having to feel like you're living outdoors. 

cat tree leaves cat tree bark cat tree carpet

cat tree with leaves cat tree house cat haven luxury cat tree


4. Gone fishin' with the Cat Fish Toy!

Now your cat can stop telling you those outrageous stories about "The One That Got Away," You know, where the fish gets bigger every time they tell the story?


5. Toast Bread Cat Bed

Introducing the best thing since sliced bread: The Toast Cat Bed! 

toast cat bed bread cat bed funny pet bed

6. Essential Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Tired of your cat scratching on your rugs and couches? Scratching is important for your cat's health and well-being, so encourage them to scratch on the Essential Cardboard Cat Scratcher (with an irresistible sisal Mouse toy) instead! 

cardboard cat scratcher cat scratching problem stop cat from scratching

7. Cat Eared Pouch Sweater

If your cat is a fan of cuddling, they'll love this hoodie - and you will too! Equipped with a faux-fur lined pouch, your cat can curl up, safe and sound in the pouch while you binge some Netflix together. 

cat eared pouch sweater cat pouch sweater


8. Pirate Cat Costume

Your cat will be the scourge of the Seven Seas with the Pirate Cat Costume - just take it from Captain Coby!

pirate cat halloween costume cat costume cat outfitPhoto by: @cobythecat


Okay, this last one might just be for human entertainment. But just look how sassy and confident this cat is in her Pirate Cat Costume! 

pirate cat costume halloween cat outfit







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