A Cat and Two Dogs Attempt Adorable Home Invasion

JP Brammer probably just wanted to spend his Saturday relaxing. But when he heard an odd knock on his door, he learned that a trio of furry friends had something different in mind.

When Brammer took a peek through the eyehole he saw the most adorable gang of home invaders you'll ever meet: two tail-wagging pups and a cat. Hope you didn't have any Caturday plans

WARNING: Some videos may contain strong language. 

"The whole crew pulled up," Brammer told HuffPost. Being an animal lover, but a bit cautious in letting strange animals into his home, Brammer decided to keep an eye on the "crew" until he could get some help.

But it quickly became evident that the cat was the gang leader; he used the two dogs as a distraction to slip inside the door without Brammer being any the wiser! 


Brammer discovered an apartment upstairs with a door that was wide-open; clearly, where the mischievous pet gang had escaped from. He managed to get the dogs back home.

But no sooner had he closed the door behind him and tried to focus on getting his new feline friend upstairs, he heard scratching on his door again. Followed shortly by two inquisitive wet noses as they barged their way in! 



Because they weren't his pets, Brammer was fairly anxious about the whole situation. "The internet wanted me to just let them all in, but dogs are stronger than people think sometimes!" he told HuffPost. "I always ask for permission before petting other people’s animals. So I wanted to keep a comfortable distance to be safe. But they were so friendly and warm, I wanted to do right by them, even if I’m not a pet owner and didn’t really know how.” In the end, he resorted to pleading with the feline ringmaster to get his cohorts to go back to their apartment. 



But the friendly orange tabby had other ideas in mind. 




In classic cat fashion, he made himself right at home!


Eventually, Brammer managed to rope in some help from a few friendly neighbors and they were able to secure the pets in their apartment with a piece of rope.  “We live in a shoddy building and our doors barely work,” Brammer explained. “So I’m guessing the dogs just unlocked their door on accident and got loose.”

The pets' owners eventually returned home and were grateful for Brammer's help. But, unfortunately, Brammer didn't manage to grab the names of his new animal friends. Hopefully we'll get an update soon! 

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