9 Gifts For People Who Just Want to Stay Home With Their Cats

Do you just want to stay home all day with your cat? Honestly, same. Here are 9 gifts (to yourself or to a fellow crazy cat person) that exemplify that "stay home" vibe. 

1. Cat Eared Pouch Sweatshirt

Get ready to binge some Netflix with your fluffy feline! This sweater features a pouch big enough to fit your cat, so you can cuddle and Catflix together! 

2. Stay-At-Home Cat Mom Pillow

Being a mom is hard work, especially when you're a cat mom! 

3. Caturday Tee

For the cat mom who appreciates a good pun almost as much as she appreciates a good glass of wine. Cheers! 


4. Pinot Meow and MosCATo Cat Wine

A gift for a cat lover wouldn't be complete without a gift for the object of their affection: their cat! This catnip "wine" is non-alcoholic and is a wonderful treat for kitties of all ages.


5. Fruit Tart Cat Bed

You can't forget about their feline BFF! They need some "adorable" in their lives, too. The Fruit Tart Cat Bed is the cutest (and comfiest) thing since sliced bread! 


6. Custom Print Cat Mug

Give your cat loving friend the PURRfect personalized gift featuring a photo of their favorite furry family member! Get any pet printed on any of our custom items - click here for more information! 

7. Antisocial Cat Club T-Shirt

If you’d rather stay at home with your cat than go out and socialize, welcome to the club. 


8. Latch Hook Rug Kit 

What says "stay-at-home-mom" more than handicrafts? 

9. Cat Mom Phone Pop

The Cat Mom Phone Pop: Helping you take better photos of your cat until your phone runs out of space! 

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