20 Tweets About Cats Every Cat Owner Can Relate To

These tweets purr-fectly sum up life with cats in 140 characters or less.

(Also, this isn't a tweet, but #relatable)



Classic Rita.



Just repeat "It's a sign of affection!" over and over until you believe it. 

Ever wonder why cats insist on shoving their fluffy butts in our faces! We talk all about it here!  



I just have a lot of feelings (about my cat), ok?







Some guys just don't get it, do they?





Honestly, I left my basket and came here to have a good time and I'm just feeling really attacked right meow.


Shh. Just let it happen. 

 Why it scream?



 BRB, coming up with a convoluted plan to somehow transfer my consciousness into John Boyega's cat. 



But baby I'm worth it.


  But they're fluffy though.


And he was never seen again ... 


 "Sorry, I've got plans (with my cat)."



Simultaneously the best roomie ever and the worst roomie ever. 



Watch me work. 




Cats keep us honest.



Any amount of cuddles from a cat instantly makes up for all that other "demon cat" stuff. 


Cats can be so petty.


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