20 Cat-Themed Halloween Products To Creep it Cute This Halloween October 07 2021, 0 Comments

Find yourself and your favorite cat something fun for Halloween! 



1. A Bit Wicked Millie The Cat T-Shirt - $ 25.00

It’s finally October, Witches! Spooky season is upon us, and what better time to channel your inner witch (and your inner cat lover) with a new tee? Our “A Wee Bit Wicked Millie The Cat T-Shirt” features innocent, fluffy Millie dressed in her best witch hat and, of course, wielding her trademark knife. This is one whiskered witch you don't want to fluff with. 😼

A Bit Wicked Millie Halloween Cat T-Shirt


2. Friends Forever Skeleton Cat T-Shirt - $25.00

Each limited-edition Halloween jersey t-shirt features Skullivan the skeleton snuggling up to Smokette, their black cat and best friend. These forever friends will keep you company on all your autumnal adventures. Pair this creepy-cute Halloween tee with your favorite cat scarf for an unbeatably adorable look this fall.


3. Gourd Vibes Only Milton T-Shirt - $25.00

Whether you’re headed to the pumpkin patch to pick the purr-fect pumpkin or hitchin’ a hayride this autumn, make sure it’s gourd vibes only. Get that fall fit on point with the brand-new Gourd Vibes Only Milton T-Shirt.


4. Matching Witch Cat Collar Bandana (Dark Grey) $ 18.00

Calling all witches! Meow you can match with your favorite feline familiar this Halloween with the matching What’s a Witch Without Her Cat T-shirt just for you.



5. What's A Witch Without Her Cat T-Shirt $ 25.00

Pair this t-shirt with a matching bandana for your cat for an adorable Halloween look you can wear with your cat: available in Dark GreyOrangeMaroon, and Purple.

Inspired by the legend of witches and their feline familiars, this Halloween cat tee features a broomstick-riding cat, witches hat, and hand-lettered illustrations that read, “What’s a Witch Without Her Cat?”


6. Nightcrawler Catnip Kicker Toy - $13.00

Each catnip kicker toy measures approximately 17" long and is stuffed with farm-fresh catnip sourced here in the USA. Each Nightcrawler Catnip Kicker Toy is handmade in the USA, too.


7. Halloween Cats Candy Tote Bag - $25.00

Available in three sizes to suit any need and boxed corners for easy stand-up, you can pack up this adorable Halloween tote bag with all your fall essentials. Each cat tote bag features a repeating pattern starring Milton the Cat dressed up in a variety of chillingly cute costumes: a witchy kitty, mummy moggy, and a spooky skeleton to name a few! 


8. Friends Forever Black Cat Mug - $22.00

Each limited-edition Friends Forever Black Cat Mug features Skullivan the skeleton snuggling up to Smokette, their black cat and best friend. These forever friends will keep you company whether you're sipping a pumpkin spice latte to get you through the morning or brewing your favorite tea to cozy up with while you're reading your favorite scary stories. Our 15 ounce (0.44 l) Friends Forever Black Cat Mug is crafted from sleek black ceramic and is dishwasher and microwave safe.



9. Gourd Vibes Only Color Changing Cat Mug - $ 25.00

What better mug to drink a pumpkin spice latte out of than one with a GOURD on it? Bring a sense of Halloween magic and wonder to your table with this meowgical color-changing mug. It might look like a plain black mug at first glance – but just add your favorite hot beverage to unveil the print beneath! 



10. Unisex Autumn Cat Face Mask and Filter Bundle (3 Masks + 9 Filters) - $ 23.00


Get ready to fall in love with our Unisex Cat Face Mask and Filter Bundle! This adult-size face mask bundle includes 3 cat print face masks and 9 complimentary 5-layer PM2.5 filters. Each bundle includes three unique feline-and fall-inspired prints: one Arctic Blue Cat Camo Mask, one Purrfect Pink Cat Camo Mask, and one Halloween Cats Mask.  

Each cloth face mask is crafted from double-layered Polyester fabric and features a filter pocket for filter inserts (included) and are reusable, machine washable, and 100% adjustable. Designed for all-day comfort and wearability, our protective face masks feature an adjustable metal nose bar and elastic ear loops with cord stop toggles, ensuring a tight, comfortable fit on any face shape and size. 



11. Wee Bit Wicked Color Changing Cat Mug - $ 25.00

Double, double toil and trouble ... something wicked this way comes! Our Wee Bit Wicked Color Changing Cat Mug features Millie the Cat sporting her favorite wicked witch hat and her trademark knife. 


12. LED Floral Cat Ears Headband - $12.00

Light up any room you walk into with this light-up LED Floral Cat Ears Headband! With a bright pop of purple, these floral cat ears are the purrfect accessory for a party, event, festival, or just to wear it for a fun night out with your fellow cat lovers.



13. Rhinestone Cat Ears Headband - $10.00 

Meow! A ferocious piece with a feminine edge, this cat ears headband features Rhinestone accents. Not just for Halloween, this piece will easily dress up your everyday outfits and have you feeling as adorable as a kitten. 



14. Princess Unicorn Cat Headband - $12.00 

This lightweight unicorn headband features an iridescent spiral unicorn horn set amidst a backdrop of a pastel rainbow tulle and a delicate array of purple and pink roses. Whether you're cosplaying a Unicorn Princess or dressing up for Halloween, this Princess Unicorn Cat Headband will give you the magical look you need, guaranteed. 



15. Floral Garden Cat Headband - $12.00

If you’re searching for your next feline-inspired look, the Floral Garden Cat Ears Headband is the purr-fect fit! Featuring a lightweight design and handmade fabric flowers, each rose-covered cat ear is detailed with a variety of colorful roses dotted with imitation pearls and a fluttering silver butterfly. This floral bouquet of feline flower power makes the purr-fect cat statement piece for parties, festivals and even bachelorette or bridal parties!




16. Kitty Hippie Sunglasses - $8.90

Give your cat the power of the flower with these Kitty Hippie Sunglasses. When you slip these fashionable pet sunglasses on your cat, they’ll be feelin’ groovy in no time at all. With the sleek, mirrored lens, your cat will be as trendy as you. And whether you’re looking to protect your cat’s eyes while they bask in the sun or capture the coolest photo of your cat you’ll ever get, these Kitty Hippie Sunglasses are the purrfect choice. 



17. Polka Dot Bow Tie Collar – Blue or White - $7.00

Just like us, our kitties won't settle for just plain-old ordinary. This nylon safety collar is adorned with a decorative fabric bow to have your fashion-minded feline purring with joy. Available in two color combinations, this bow tie collar is appropriate for all kitties! 



18. Cat Lady Tattoo Catyhose - $4.00

Our Cat Lady Tattoo Catyhose promises the thrill of having a tattoo without risk of "tattooers remorse" and combines sleek, chic kitty-cat cuteness with a bit of boldness. Slip on these Cat Lady Tattoo Catyhose and show off your feline fascination while being subtle enough to wear with any outfit. Fashioned from a blend of nylon, spandex, and polyester, they're a comfortable 'one size' fitting.



19. Wool Sea Monster Rattle Teaser Cat Toy - $13.00 

The Sea Monster Rattle Teaser Cat Toy is a rattle ball and cat teaser toy in one adorably monstrous package. With a simple shake of this wool teaser cat toy, your cat will be ready to pounce, chase, bat around, bite, and bunny kick to their heart's content! Each Sea Monster Rattle Teaser Toy is crafted from organic, hand-felted wool surrounding a hollow ball filled with locally sourced recycled materials for a fun, eco-friendly cat toy. 



20. 3 Pack Glow-in-the-Dark Wiggly Ball - $16.95

The Glow in the Dark Bouncy Ball Cat Toy is an innovative, handmade cat toy designed by veterinarians with your cat in mind. The high-bouncing bouncy ball and soft, catnip-saturated tail will have your cat going crazy, day or night! Just leave the ball in the light for a few minutes and turn out the lights and watch your kitty go wild. As cats are crepuscular and like to hunt in the dark or low light, this Glow in the Dark cat toy is the perfect solution.