10 Genius Products for Your Cat Lady Life.

So the word is out: You're a crazy cat lady. This is nothing to be ashamed of - we're here to break those 'crazy cat lady' stereotypes. We can all agree that cats are pretty much the coolest domestic animal you can have. Sure, they can be a bit selfish when it comes to treats. They can keep you up all night zooming down the halls, and sometimes they act like they don't know you from Adam ... but they still manage to put a smile on your face ... even when you don't want to smile. So it goes without saying that you're proud to be a cat mom!

Here are some trendy cat apparel products the crazy cat lady in you is sure to love!

1. Looking for a new way to accessorize? Try a cat print Silk Bandana Scarf! Available in three limited-edition feline prints. 

meowingtons cat accessories

2. Level up your updo with the matching Silk Cat Scrunchies Set!

meowingtons silk cat scrunchies

3. Cat beds don't have to be boring. Introducing the cutest thing since sliced bread: The Fruit Tart Cat Bed

meowingtons fruit tart cat bed


4. Embrace your inner "crazy cat lady" and put a cat ring on it! Our sterling silver Spiral Cat Ring is the purr-fect statement piece.

meowingtons cat accessories


5. You can't forget about your kitty! Give them a slice of heaven with the Pizza Cat Bed (featuring anchovy and pepperoni pillows that double as kicker toys!)

meowingtons pizza cat bed


6. Bring playtime with your cat into the 21st century with the app-controlled Mouse Hunt Cat Toy!

This robotic mouse toy connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and even has a hidden compartment for fresh catnip! 

App-Controlled Robotic Mouse Cat Toy

7. If you're a fan of Milton the Cat, our Milton Pillow Plushie makes a great cuddle buddy - but you might have to share with your cat!

meowingtons milton the cat plushie


8. We’re always in need of a good tote bag – whether it’s to avoid using plastic bags or to stash your knitting goodies, a good canvas tote bag is essential – especially if it has a cat on it: the Save the Earth Cat Tote Bag

save the earth reusable cat tote bag




10. Add some PURRsonality to your next Zoom meeting or game night with our LED Floral Cat Ears Headband

LED Floral Cat Ears Headband


BONUS: Add a bit of funky feline flair to your outdoor adventures with Milton's Cat Butt Dad Hat: 'cause dad hats aren't just for dads anymore!

cat butt dad hat for women








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