15 Shameless Cats Crashing Nativity Scenes


Cats are well known for their penchant for picking the most obnoxious possible spot to sleep. Whether it's across your keyboard when you're trying to work or neglecting the nice cat bed you just bought them for a cardboard box, if there's a weird place for a cat to squeeze into, it shall be squeezed into by said cat. 

And the latest victim to our feline friends' weird obsession with sitting where they're not supposed to? Nativity scenes.  

According to some stories, cats were actually there on the night of the Nativity. In fact, some say it's how tabby cats get their distinctive "M" marking on their foreheads. These kitties are here to show that they haven't forgotten the role they played in the Nativity scene. And neither should you! 


1. And the angel said unto them, "Behold, A Cat Stuffed Itself Into A Manger"

Via Brooke Goldman 


2.  "It's okay, kid. I'll take this one."

3. "Tch. I didn't want the manger anyway."

4. "What? Babies are supposed to be chunky, right?"

5. "...I was told there would be gifts?"

Via reddit.com


6. "'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house ... not a creature was stirring, not even the cat!"


7. "Day 3. They still suspect nothing."


8. "If I fits, I sits! And that's its!"


9. "I'm the star of this show meow, sorry, kiddo."

Via Twitter


10. A Nativity Special, Starring Catzilla 


11. "Do Not Disturb: Sweet Baby Angel At Rest."



12. "I'm just, uh, keeping it warm for him. Yeah. That's it."

13. "Be sure to get my good -- err, my holy side." 


14. "Any milk in there, cow?"


  • Shakira abulaleem

    All these cats are hilarious!

  • Shakira abulaleem

    These cats are super funny!

  • Ginger

    Needed this today..thank you…as my ginger cat looks thru one half opened eye at me and wonders if I have flipped out…yes, Poppit, mommy probably did flip out….

  • Valerie Fujiwara

    Really enjoyed these photos of naughty cats! Hilarious.

  • Karen Walker

    I wish I had a. Picture of when my Ricky would sleep in the stable♥️🙏

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