12 Tees Cat Lovers Will Want In Their Closet

Looking for a fun, whimsical tee that speaks your mind so you don't have to? Look no further than our collection of graphic tees and tops that will let the world know that you stand for something.

And that something just so happens to have whiskers, a wet nose, and really adorable toe beans. So the next time you're headed out for lunch or to grab a quick coffee, let these cat shirts do all the talking! 

1.  CATSA Space Cat Tee (BACK IN STOCK!)

The purr-fect shirt for astrophiles and ailurophiles alike! Express your love for cats, space, and great puns in one comfortable cat t-shirt. 

CATSA space cat t-shirt

2. Cat Hair Don't Care Tee

Based on my wardrobe, cat hair is my favorite color.


3.  Eat, Sleep & Pet Cats T-Shirt

What more is there to ask for, really? 

4. Caturday T-Shirt

Heck yeah, this is what my Caturday nights look like! 

5. Purrvana Cat T-Shirt

Smells like teen spirit? Smells like tinned tuna! Inspired by the bold, iconic Nirvana smiley face, this band graphic tee is an entertaining way to celebrate your love for Nirvana … and cats.

Purrvana Cat T-shirt


6. Save the Earth Cat T-Shirt

Save the Earth! It's the only planet with cats!

7. PAWS T-Shirt

'Cause shark jokes are jawsome. 


8. HISS Cat T-Shirt

When you wanna rock 'n roll all night, and pet cats every day! 

hiss cat t-shirt





9. Musical Cat Collared Blouse

10. Privacy Please T-Shirt

If you’re a cat owner, you can relate. We’ve all seen our cats’ butts too many times to count. 

11. Save the Earth Sweater

For the cat-loving conservationist who wants to spread the word! 

12. Friend to Street Cats T-Shirt

For the cat lover who won’t hesitate to stop and smell the roses – or to stop and pet the stray kitty on the sidewalk.

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