10 Birthday Gifts You Can Send to Cat Lovers During Quarantine


If your friends, family members or even significant others are celebrating their birthday this month while still in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's likely you won't be getting together in person. But that doesn't mean they don't get presents! We've gathered a list of gifty items that will be fun to unwrap and even more fun to play with in action! 

1. Give your birthday buddy the option to cuddle with their cat wherever they go with the Cat Eared Pouch Sweatshirt! 

2. For the cat lover with a sense of humor, give them the gift of a mug that will make them smile each morning.

Click here to see more of the Shit Together Cat Mug!

3. When you're stuck at home during the lockdown, the obvious choice for entertainment is CLEARLY to have a photoshoot with your cat.

These Hippie Kitty Sunglasses are the ideal prop! 

Photo: Instagram 


4. If you can't be there to drink wine with your bestie - give them a way to drink wine with their OTHER bestie with Pinot Meow Cat Wine

Our cat wine is completely non-alcoholic and made from organic ingredients like catnip extract!

Featuring @moesandmattie


5. An adjustable ring that will fit any finger - the purrfect surprise gift for cat lovers! 

View the Sphynx Cat Ring here!



6. Cats driving them crazy? Give them a gift that will keep your friend/family member/significant other entertained - and their cats, too.

The Mouse Hunt Cat Toy is a Bluetooth controlled racer toy controlled directly from your smartphone! 



7. For the pizza lover - and the kitty lover! Each pepperoni pillow is stuffed with  a squeaker, too, making this an ideal bed for small dogs, too (don't tell the cats!)

View the Pizza Cat Bed!



8. Is there anything better than donuts and cats? I don't think so. 

Click here for more enamel pins! 

Donut Worry, Be Happy Cat Pin



9. We can't fur-get about the Cat Dads out there! 

Our Milton's Cat Butt Dad Hat is the purr-fect fit. 



10. The purrfect poster for a bathroom (or litter box room!)

View the Privacy Please Cat Poster

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