10 Unique Historical Names for Your Cat


Cats have paced the dusty annals of history alongside humans for thousands of years; Some archaeologists even estimate we go as far back as 12,000 years! That’s a long time to perfect the art of naming our precious companions. If you’re a hiss-tory buff who likes to keep on the punny side of life, these names may be right up your alley.

Since the time of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, cats have often been linked with royalty. Is it any wonder that, even today, female cats are often called queens? If your cat needs a royally inspired name, we’ve got some ideas for you!

1. Cleocatra: A rather fitting name for any spoiled, blue-blooded cat who can be a real pain in the asp.

2. Neferkiti: While Neferkiti’s namesake, Nefertiti, isn’t directly linked to cats in Ancient Egyptian history, we simply couldn’t resist. Ancient Egyptians did revere cats as symbols of the Goddess Bast (or Bastet), and for a while it was punishable by law to harm a cat in Egypt.

3. Meowrie Antoinette: a name truly fit for a queen! The perfect title for any glamorous, trend-setting feline with a taste for only the most decadent of lifestyle.

4. King George the Purred: Without him (or George Pawshington, for that matter), Ameowrica might not be the country it is today. 

While some might consider their cats worthy of such royal titles, maybe your furry companion needs a more rugged name to match its intrepid spirit. For those cats who have the heart of a lion and paws that itch for adventure, try these names on for size.

5. Pounce De Leon: For an ambitious cat sporting a mustache even Tom Selleck would envy, or maybe just a cat who’s just gotta pounce!

6. Fuzz Aldrin: To boldly go where no cat has gone before. Actually, Félicette of France beat you to it, Fuzz. She was the first cat launched (and recovered) into space in 1963.

7. Meriwhisker Lewis and William Clawrk are excellent choices for two inseparable feline friends who can’t help but explore. Of course, you might need to walk in the shoes of Sacagawea herself and act as their guide!

8. Butch Catsidy and the Sundance Kit’ are choice names for those rough-and-tumble tomcats who can’t seem to keep their whiskers out of trouble.

Perhaps you and your cat are more bookishly inclined? While names like Bark Twain have gone to the dogs, we feline litter-ary lovers have the Bard himself.

9. William Shakespurr“Out, damn'd Spot! Out, I say!”

10. Perhaps Fyodor Mousetoyevsky might suit your philosophical fancy a bit more?


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    This girl is great, I couldn’t stop laughing! Love her writing!

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    This article is hilarious and so clever!! I want to name my next cat Meowrie Antoinette, haha!

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