10 Things To Help You Level Up Your "Cat Lady" Game for National Cat Lady Day!

It's National Cat Lady Day. And it’s time to admit the truth: You’re a crazy cat lady. Say it with me: I’m a crazy cat lady. Feels good, doesn't it?

Every other day of the year, cat ladies get the short end of the stick. We're labeled as old maid spinsters who wear frumpy sweaters and don't get out enough. But we don't think that's fair. So-called "crazy cat ladies" are just ladies who happen to really, really like cats and would do anything for their beloved furry family members. 

Founded by CatCon creator, Susan Michals, National Cat Lady Day is meant to emphasize the modern Cat Lady as a powerful, independent and caring figure who's not defined solely by the furry company she keeps, or how many cats she may have. So, yeah, call me a cat lady? 

We think this fierce love and dedication should be celebrated. 

There's no better day than National Cat Lady Day to get started on this celebration and spend your day the cat lady way!


1.  Caturday Cat Tee

Cats, puns, and wine; the ultimate triple threat and perfect combination for an awesome t-shirt. Because it's not drinking alone if it's with your cat! 

caturday drink wine with your cat caturday meme

Photo: msmakayla_marie


2. Catnip Cat Wine to Drink With Your Cat!

No, really. You can actually drink wine with your cats! Milton's Cat Wine is a catnip-infused non-alcoholic drink that your cat can enjoy while you sip on a glass of Pinot Noir. )

Milton's Cat Wine Pawty Pack

3. Milton's Cat Butt Beanie

There is no such thing as a bad hair day with a beanie on your noggin! And Milton is here to make sure you're looking and feline fine no matter the reason (or the season).  

milton's cat butt beanie

4. Luxe Cloud Cat Bed

Nothing says "cat lady" like spoiling your cat to the cutest and comfiest beds there are! Now your kitty can catnap on a cloud with the Luxe Cloud Cat Bed.

5. LED Floral Cat Ears Headband

The purrfect accessory for a party, event, festival, or just to wear it for a fun night out with your fellow cat ladies!

are the purrfect accessory for a party, event, festival, or just to wear it for a fun night out with your fellow cat ladies!

Some fun outtakes any cat lady can relate to:

You and your cat can twin it to win it with our Kitty Hippie Sunglasses - yes, tiny, purrfectly cat-sized sunglasses.

kitty hippie sunglasses



7. A chiffon scarf so cozy even your cat will try to steal it: Clowder Cat Scarf!

Clowder Cat Print Scarf




8. Friend to Street Cats Poster 

For the cat lover who doesn't hesitate to stop and smell the roses - or pet the stray kitty on the sidewalk!  

friend to street cats poster


9. You can never have too many mugs! Especially if there's a cat on it.

Shop our Shit Together Mug here!

Photo via natnatnatitup, Instagram



10. Cat Stud Earrings

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but so are her cats!

Via @pafgreycat

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