10 Things Only a Crazy Cat Person Would Wear

We know cat ladies get a bit of a bad rap, hence the normally affixed adjectival label of "crazy." But just 'cause we're crazy for cats doesn't mean we can't look fabulous. And as a bonus? Get ready to tell the world you love cats without having to shout it from a mountaintop with our selection of cat-loving apparel and accessories.  

1. Bosi Cat Overall Dress

Who said overalls were over? 

bosi cat black overall dress



 2. Little Black Cat Dress

Every lady needs an LBD in their closet - give yours a feline twist! 

little black cat dress


3. Real Men Love Cats T-Shirt

Cat dads don't get enough love - let's hear it for the cat daddies out there! 

real men love cats t-shirt for cat dads


4. Milton's Cat Butt Hat

Only true cat lovers would wear a cat booty on their hat! 

cat butt dad hat


5. Cat Print Neck Gaiters + 10 PM2.5 Filters

 This set of 3 neck gaiters and 10 complimentary PM2.5 filters features a filter pocket and double-layer fabric design that fits snugly over your mouth and nose.


6.  Limited Edition Silk Cat Scrunchies Set

Level up your up-do with matching 100% silk cat scrunchies! 

Limited Edition Silk Cat Scrunchies Set 


7. Sphynx Cat Ring

Add a bit of feline flair to your next outfit with this wrap-around cat ring! 

wrap around cat ring 


8. Eat, Sleep, Pet Cats

This cat graphic tee is the purrfect example of what life is all about: eating, sleeping, petting cats, and then doing it all over again! 

eat sleep pet cats repeat t-shirt

9. Musical Cat Collared Shirt

Musical Cat Collared Shirt


10. Milton the Cat Bodysuit

Featuring the mischievous kitty behind our logo, this bodysuit is guaranteed to spread smiles wherever you go!
 milton the cat bodysuit





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