10 Things Cat Lovers Will Want In Their Wardrobe

Cat shirts are pretty much like cats: there's no such thing as too many. Whether your crazy cat lady BFF needs a birthday present or you're headed to a cat convention, these apparel pieces will be the purrfect fit!  

1. Cat Love T-Shirt

And this month to celebrate Pride and support LGBTQIA+ communities, 10% of proceeds from sales of the Cat Love T-Shirt are being donated the Pride Center at Equality Park in Wilton Manors, FL! 


2. Crowded Cats Martens Boots

These boots were made for meowin', and that's just what they'll do! 

3. Cats Against Catcalls T-Shirt

The only catcalls we like are when we call our actual cats.

4. Milton the Cat Bodysuit

Your PURRfect summer look - stay cool in style!

5. Cats Against Catcalls Baseball Shirt

Catcalling - just don't do it! 


6. Antisocial Cat Club T-Shirt

If you’d rather stay at home with your cat than go out and socialize, welcome to the club. 

7. Shit Together T-Shirt

Hey, man, we're all trying. 

8. PAWS T-Shirt

Dun, dun. Dun, dun. We’re gonna need a bigger cat! 


9. Black Knee High Catyhose

Put some style in your sashay - the cat lady way! 


10. Purrscription for Happiness T-Shirt

For when your therapist has four paws and a wet nose. 




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