10 Completely Sane Ways To Celebrate Being a Crazy Cat Lady


It's National Cat Lady Day. And it’s time to admit the truth: You’re a crazy cat lady. Say it with me: I’m a crazy cat lady. Feels good, doesn't it?

Every other day of the year, cat ladies get the short end of the stick. We're labeled as old maid spinsters who wear frumpy sweaters and don't get out enough. But we don't think that's fair. So-called "crazy cat ladies" are just ladies who happen to really, really like cats and would do anything for their beloved furry family members. 

Founded by CatCon creator, Susan Michals, National Cat Lady Day is meant to emphasize the modern Cat Lady as a powerful, independent and caring figure who's not defined solely by the furry company she keeps, or how many cats she may have. So, yeah, call me a cat lady? 

We think this fierce love and dedication should be celebrated. 

There's no better day than National Cat Lady Day to get started on this celebration and spend your day the cat lady way. Here are 10 completely sane ways to celebrate being a crazy cat lady! 

1. Start the morning off on the right paw - do some yoga with your cat.

Just don't call it Downward Facing Dog in their presence. 

2. Get a huff of your cat's fluff.

Because cats smell good. And cat huffing is definitely a thing. 

3. Treat yourself to a cat-purr-cino - before your cat can steal a sip!

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's caffeine. And, like, three cats. 

cat face mug glass cat mugClick here to shop this mug on Meowingtons!

4. Remember that some of the most fashionable women were cat ladies.

"I've always been mad about cats." - Vivien Leigh, the famous English actress best known for starring in the 1939 adaptation of Gone with the Wind.


5. Choreograph a dance routine featuring you and your cat. 

We know you've got the moves. This is especially fun right meow with us being stuck at home thanks to the coronavirus! 

6. Take a break and blow some bubbles with your cat. Because why not?

Who doesn't love blowing bubbles?! Your cat will love Milton's Catnip Bubbles. It's simple math: Bubbles + Catnip + Cat = Instant fun. 

catnip bubbles

7. Celebrate with your fellow cat ladies!

Put on your best feline fashion and get ready to paw-ty. 

Via courtneyjane_27/Instagram


8. Post one of the million photos you have of your cat on Instagram (or Facebook or Twitter).

The world needs to know who you are - and who your cats are! 

milton meowingtons

9. If you're a cat lady sans the cat, visit a cat cafe or your local shelter and pet some cats!  

You won't regret it - and the kitties in the shelter will love some good company.  Note: while you might not be able to visit these kitties in person right now due to social distancing restrictions, they can still use your help. Consider reaching out to your local shelter or animal rescue to see how you can help. 


10. Drink some wine with your cat!

Because it's not drinking alone if it's with your cat! Featuring our Caturday T-Shirt

caturday drink wine with your cat caturday meme

Photo: msmakayla_marie


(No, really. You can actually drink wine with your cats! Pinot Meow Cat Wine is a catnip-infused non-alcoholic drink that your cat can enjoy while you sip on a glass of Pinot Noir. )

meowingtons pinot meow cat wine catnip wine drink wine with your cat



So if you're a cat lady on National Cat Lady Day, treat yourself - and the object of your not-so-lowkey obsession - to a day of cheers and celebration. You both deserve it! 



  • Urso Malvado

    I’m a rare breed of crazy cat gentleman and very proud of it.

  • Susan L Needham

    After my beloved twin Siamese went to the Rainbow Bridge, I decided to only adopt rescues because so many need homes. You know the story, it starts with one, then God sends the rest. They take care of me and I take care of them. I really prefer them to people. In fact they are my children with fur coats. Each with an adorable personality of their own. My house would not be a home without my beautiful babies here with me. I salute all Cat Enthusiast and encourage everyone to adopt multiple furry friends. They sleep about 15 hours a day and most in different rooms so when they are awake and want love or to play it just makes life better! Bless all of you Kitty lovers!

  • Cindy-Crazy Cat Lady

    Hi, I am definitely a crazy cat lady…but I really do love cats. They are pretty wonderful. My three legged cat Lord Byron just climbed in my lap.
    I have a total of 14 + 2 cats in the house. I usually have 14 but my sister needed me to take care of hers for a little while. It is a little overwhelming sometimes. They are all rescues that came to me. I think the cats talk in the neighborhood.
    I always only had 2 or 3 until I moved here with my two cats. Those two have gone to cat heaven. I had Sampson for 17 years and Princess for 16 Years.
    I think God brings them to me to take care of and I try my best for them to have a fun and happy life.
    My neighbor down the street brought me Sparky, a tiny kitten with eyes stilled closed that they heard crying in there wall all night and he had to go in the attic and shine a light down to find him and cut a hole in the wall. We bottle fed him. He is eight years old now.
    They all have a story, thats just a couple of mine.
    God Bless you all and your cats too.

  • Drew

    No justification needed for being a cat purrrrson.

  • Deborah Packwood

    I have ten pussycats all of them well loved with their own individual nature’s the grande dame of my cat colony is Pumpkin without whom I would not have all my babies as they are either her daughters, sons, grandkitties even down to great, great, great grandkitties! Pumpkin is a very sociable cat and likes to go out every day and do the rounds of saying hello to everyone and even wanders around my little town and stops traffic when she decides to clean herself in the middle of the road, luckily folks are always on the look out for her and keep her safe.i could tell many a tale of her adventures as she has had had lots to say the least maybe I should write a book!! Happy to admit I’m a very crazy cat lady x

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