10 Products To Help You Start 2023 Off On The Right Paw

The New Year is almost here, can mew believe it?

Whether you're jotting down resolutions or just staying home and petting your cat, we've got the purrfect products to help you start 2023 off on the right paw. 


1. New Year, New Tree! Level up your cat tree game with a new modern cat tree that won't stick out like a sore thumb. 

unique cat furniture with a modern twist

2. Grab life by the litter scoop and get your sh*t together!

Via natnatnatitup, Instagram


3. Also available in notebook format so you can write down all the sh*t you need to get together!


4. Remind yourself with this cute cat sticker that no one can stop you, especially not this year! 


5. An inspiring tote bag to help you Go Green in the Mew Year! Say goodbye to plastic bags for grocery shopping. 

save the earth cat tote summer tote


6. If you're already feeling stressed, make sure to get yourself the purrfect squishy stress reliever to start your New Year off on the right paw!

7. Nothing says "New Year, New Me" like changing up your decor! Freshen up your toss pillows with a kitty toss pillow cover

Via @sarah.brookhart, Instagram


8. Not into to-do lists? Start small with the Eat, Sleep & Pet Cats shirt that reminds you of the important things in life.


9. If grooming your cat isn't already part of your cat-care regimen - it should be! Frequent grooming helps reduce shedding, matting, and also promotes kitty-human bonding.


Cat Grooming Glove (2 Pack)

10. If we're living like cats in 2021, vow to take more naps ... and keep warm while doing so.


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