New Year’s Resolutions Your Cat Is Making For 2020

Need some help tackling that New Year’s Resolution list? Here are a few ideas from our nine-lived felines who know what it means to start off the Mew Year on the right paw!

New Year, New Me: We’ve all heard it before. And now that the wild paw-ty’s have settled down and everyone’s back to work, some of us face the daunting task of self-reflection and introspection that is crafting a New Year’s Resolution list. But fret not, dear readers! We here at Meowingtons have got some paw-sitively great resolutions to add to your list.

1. Get in shape.

Unless, of course, you’re already in shape. And, y’know, per the authority that is the angelic ball of fluff below, round is technically a shape: an adorable shape. One could argue it’s the best shape.

It’s hard to argue with that logic (and that adorable face). There is also, I suppose, the need to “get fit.” Well, friends, don’t forget about the ol’ adage, “If I fits, I sits.” This fella is clearly fit.


2. Eat healthier.

You know what they say: A bite of catnip a day keeps the vet away. I’ve also heard it said that a glass of feline wine makes you feel divine.


3. Meditate more.

This creative kitty is artfully combining yoga and meditation to catch some Zs. Yes, of course the “Z” stands for Zen. This cat is obviously in the midst of clearing his mind, focusing on his breathing … Yeah. Okay, maybe he’s just taking a catnap. But, hey, whatever his method may be, there doesn’t seem to be one bit of tension or stress left in this cat.

4. Read more.

Whether it’s a novel or adorable articles on the ‘Net, you can explore a hundred different worlds and expand your mind with just the turn of a page. Don’t be like this cat, who slowly realizes (after about 100 pages) that this might not be the instruction manual it was made out to be. Try not to judge a book by its cover (or its title, for that matter)!

5. Try new styles.

Be bold. Be daring. Be brave like a lion -- or like a cat who’s ready to face the New Year with some fierce, flashy threads and shine just a little bit brighter.

6. Go on more adventures.

via: Instagram 

As hard as it is to tear ourselves away from binging on that sweet, sweet Netflix, the world is out there waiting for us. Follow in the paw steps of these brave cats and find a new adventure, whatever it may be. Even taking a stroll through the woods or to the park down the street can be an adventure if you choose to make it one.


7. Make new friends.

While cats, and sometimes cat people, tend to enjoy their solitude, getting out there and meeting new people is an enriching way to start the New Year. New friends come in all manner of shapes and sizes: Even doggos can be friends. Who knew?

8. Give back more.

Our feline friends may not always seem the most giving of creatures, but even they find small ways to show they appreciate us; mostly in the form of small, dead animals. (Gee, thanks.) Take a note from this kitty and give back to the people in your life to start 2019 off on a warm, fuzzy note. Though maybe consider something a little less menacing than leaving a dead mouse on their doorstep.

9. Get more restful sleep.

In this age of bright, blue screens and instant access to the world and all its news at our fingertips, it can be difficult to get a good night’s rest. If there’s one thing cats can teach us, it’s how to sleep; Especially considering cats can sleep anywhere from 16 to 20 hours a day.

10. Enjoy the simple things.

Cats know that life isn’t all about the most expensive bed or the trendiest toy. Sometimes it’s good to appreciate the simple things in life, like the free bonus cardboard box!

With nine lives to lead, it’s no wonder cats seem to have all the answers to life’s more challenging tasks. Happy Mew Year, everyone!



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