11 'Just Because' Gifts To Give Your Cat-Obsessed BFF May 29 2018, 0 Comments

Who needs a special occasion to spoil your best friend? Even if you don't get to see them every day, a little "just 'cause" gift is a wonderful way to surprise your BFF and let them know you're thinking of them. 

1. Kit-Tea Cat Tea Infuser

Because all you need is love and tea. And cats. Don't forget the cats! 

kit-tea cat tea infuserVia @teeghanlouise, Instagram

2. Cat Tail Measuring Cups

For the bestie that can bake up a storm, these kitty kitchen companions are a purrfect gift! 


3. Starlight Cat Fairy Lights

For the BFF that is low-key obsessed with fairy lights and not-so-low-key obsessed with cats! 

4. Sleeping Cat Wine Markers

For the crazy cat lover who throws equally crazy parties - I mean, er, very sophisticated wine-tasting events! 


5. Trying to Get My Shit Together Tank or Tee

For the BFF that's got an acerbic wit and a sarcastic streak to match! 



6. Squishy Cat

For a BFF who needs an adorable cat to safely squish in times of stress, never fear, Squishy Cat is here!  

squishy cat phone accessory


7. Sphynx Cat Ring

Available in silver and white gold, this adjustable cat ring is a great gift for your bestie! 


8. Spiral Cat Ring

Another adjustable cat ring that will show your full-time BFF and cat aficionado how much you care! 


9. Caturday Tee

Help your BFF live every day like it's Caturday and admit to yourself that your best friend's best friend is also her cat. And that's okay. 

caturday pinot meow cat wine

10. Rescue Mom Tank 

This kitty cat tank top is designed to honor the hard work and dedication it takes to be a Rescue Mom. (Psst - the kitties in these photos have both been ADOPTED!) 

11.  Cat Hair, Don't Care Tee

This one is pretty self-explanatory. And pretty true.