10 Gifts For Cat Lovers That Will Have 'Em Purring For More

Shopping for that purr-fect gift can be an intimidating thought. Well, if that person is a self-proclaimed Cat Enthusiast, the answer is simple: get them cute cat stuff. There's no such thing as "too much" cute cat stuff - or too many cute cats, for that matter! 

We've compiled a list of gifty items that would make the purr-fect gift for the feline lover in your life - and we all know at least one (or two or three!) And the best part? A portion of proceeds from every purr-chase goes toward supporting shelter cats in need!

1. Cat Face Mug

Express your love for cats and fill up this kitty cup with whatever you want! 


2. Cat Hair, Don't Care! Tee 



cat graphic tshirt cat hair don't care



3. Meow Often Phone Case

Protect it with a phone case that'll remind you to meow, and meow often. Even if it's the same old phone, you can't go wrong with this feline philosophy. 


4. Kitty Hippie Sunglasses

For the cat who's future is so bright, they have to wear shades. 

ia exoticrichard, Instagram


5. Sphynx Cat Ring 

Don't go anywhere without a kitty keeping you company - This adjustable, wraparound ring is always the purr-fect fit! 



6. Clowder Cat Scarf 

The purrfect gift for a person - or a cat! 


7. Fruit Tart Cat Bed

Give a cat the sweetest dreams full of catnip and mice with the Fruit Tart Cat Bed!  


8. Spiral Cat Ring

Another adjustable cat ring that will show your full-time BFF and cat aficionado how much you care! 



9. Diamond Cat Earrings 

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. They've obviously never met her cat!  


10. Squishy Cat Accessory

For someone in need of a smile!

cat stocking stuffer squishy cat toy


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