10 Cat Reactions For Every Thanksgiving Situation November 16 2016, 0 Comments

Let's face it, whenever your family gets together in one place there are always situations you'd rather avoid. Also, there are things that are so wonderful and funny. This is where memories come from! The happy, sad, and awkward situations with your family and friends when there is a lot of food and booze involved! Without it, life would be a drag! Here are some cats that you can most definitely relate to. 

1. When your Grandma starts talking about how great you are.

2. When your trying to be polite and let the elders eat first.

3. When someone asks if you want to take anything home, PIE PLEASE K THANKS.

4. When your favorite cousin shows up. 

5. When you hear the lastest drama. 

6. When your favorite crazy aunt comes in with hot pink hair. 

7. When your grandma keeps trying to feed you when you're already so full.


8. When you want to pass out but everyone keeps talking to you.