10 Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers For Under $10

Are you in need of the PURRfect gift for the cat lover in your life? Or maybe you're just in a "Treat Yo Self" mood, straight out of Parks and Rec. Either way, we've got you covered! Here are 10 feline-inspired gifts that are sure to please any cat lover. And the best part? They're all under $10! 

1. Sphynx Cat Ring - $5.80

An adjustable ring that will fit any finger - the purrfect surprise gift for cat lovers! 

2. Milton's Pinot Meow Cat Wine - $6.95

For the kitty wine connoisseur! Catnip-infused "wine" for cats - no more drinking alone!  


3. Kitty Hippie Sunglasses - $6

This is a gift that keeps on giving - adorable photo ops for years to come! 


4. Donut Worry, Be Happy Cat Pin - $7

Is there anything better than donuts and cats? I don't think so. Click here for more enamel pins! 

Donut Worry, Be Happy Cat Pin


5. Cat Phone Cases - $7

Feeling meowgical? Or just a bit catty? Keep your phone safe from bumps and drops - and looking cute as heck with a Meowingtons phone case!

6. Can't Stop Me Phone Pop - $7

Phone pops don't have to be boring! Flip the world the bird with our You Can't Stop Me Phone Pop - and keep your phone in your hand (and not on the floor). 


7. Cat Face Phone Ring Stand - $7

If Phone Pops aren't really your style, try this Phone Ring Stand! Designed with a 360-degree-swivel, you can hold or position your phone any which way without worrying about dropping it. 


8. Clowder Cat Scarf - $7.90

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, this chiffon cat print scarf is purrfect for any season! 

9. Cat Eye Necklace - $8.90

The Third Eye is a concept that refers to the speculative invisible eye, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. Expand your mind with this beautiful cat eye necklace - offered in both blue and green.


10. Bengal Cat Ring - $5.50

Add a bit of feline flair to your everyday look! 



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