Raphael & Louie | Adopted!

Fostered: July 2017
Adopted: April 2018

We had Raphael and Louie in our office for 6 months; in that time, they stole our hearts. Survivors of a fire in which they lost their homes and several of their siblings, Raphael and Louie have been through a lot - but they never let it break them.  Their human mom made the decision to place the remaining cats up for adoption, knowing that if she couldn’t care for herself she couldn’t care for them.

Louie and Raphael were two of the first cats HSBC accepted and they quickly won over the staff with how friendly and charming they were. They watched as all their other siblings were adopted and they became the last two left.

Here at Meowingtons, we spoiled our Boys rotten. We were so happy when they went to their forever home. 

Unfortunately, they were returned to the shelter shortly after they were adopted. But thanks to a kind and loving cat lover, they finally found their forever home. You can follow their adventures in their new home, on their new Instagram

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