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Origami Sitting Cat Necklace

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The Japanese art of paper folding is an ancient craft of delicacy and subtlety, form and figure. This Origami Sitting Cat Necklace is inspired by this minimalist art - origami with a fun feline twist! These origami cat pendants are purrfect for origami lovers and cat fans alike. Simple, subtle yet wholly unique, any feline lover will be delighted to have this purrfect necklace in their jewelry box. The Origami Sitting Cat Necklace is finely crafted to ensure these metal origami felines appear as fine and detailed as folded paper with the durability of metal! 

Origami Sitting Cat Necklace Includes:

    • 14K White Gold Plated Brass Origami Cat Pendant
    • 14K White Gold Plated Adjustable Chain
    • Chain Length: 45 cm

ACCESSORIES Necklace Line.


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