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Milton's Cat Butt Dad Hat

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Introducing the Milton’s Cat Butt Dad Hat, ‘cause dad hats aren’t just for dads anymore! Our trendy cat baseball hat will meet all your dad hat criteria: stylish, durable, and completely adorable. Now, if you love cat butts and you cannot lie, this might be just the kitty cat hat for you. Each Milton’s Cat Butt Dad Hat features a stylized embroidered Milton with his butt in the air because he just does not care. Each cat dad hat is machine embroidered for maximum quality and ultimate durability; so come rain or shine, with Milton and this cute cat dad hat will see you through. Available in Forest Green or Classic Black, this cat cap is unisex because we know that loving cats is universal. I mean, how can you not like cats? Each dad hat is also completely adjustable, featuring an adjustable Velcro closure for a comfortable custom fit. Worried about keeping cool? The Milton’s Cat Butt Dad Hat features reinforced ventilation holes to keep your head cool even on the hottest days for a lightweight, breathable feel. If you’re looking to up your crazy cat lover game, this quirky Cat Butt Dad Hat is a safe bet. What says “cat person” more than a cat butt on your hat? So get those tails up, kitties! There’s no shame in this kitty-loving house.

Milton's Cat Butt Dad Hat Includes:

  • 1 Milton's Cat Butt Dad Hat
  • Milton (and his butt) embroidered on the front
  • Curved bill
  • 6-panel structure
  • Embroidered ventilation holes
  • 100% cotton twill
  • Adjustable Velcro closure
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