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Milton the Cat Necklace

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Meet Milton, the furry face behind Meowingtons! Milton's decided he wants to get out there and see the world beyond his litter box, so he’s hitching a ride on this necklace. Won’t you take him along on your next adventure? Milton's happy to hang out on the 14K white gold-plated adjustable chain. Crafted from durable brass and plated in his shiny own coat of 14k white gold, Milton the Cat Necklace is one necklace you won't want to take off! So, what are you waiting for? Milton is ready for his next adventure! 

Milton the Cat Necklace Includes:

    • 14K White Gold Plated Brass Pendant
    • 14K White Gold Plated Adjustable Chain
    • Chain Length: 18" (46cm)
    • Pendant Measurements: 2.5cm x 1cm

ACCESSORIES Necklace Line.


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