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Midnight Craze Cat Toy

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Midnight Craze Cat Toy

Although we ADORE our kitties, we all know that they can be a teeny tiny bit annoying at times. As most cat owners are painfully aware of, our cats are on very different schedules than we are. Your schedule includes long days at the office followed by well-needed rest at night – while your kitty likes to paw you and sit on your face when you are just trying to get some sleep. That is why we bring you the Midnight Craze Cat Toy that includes two balls with little bells in them to keep your little rascals busy so you can get some ZZZ...These pack of two balls are not only lifesavers, but come in fun colors that will purrfectly brighten up your place! They also make for the perfect toy for kittens!

Midnight Craze Cat Toy Includes:

  • 2 Midnight Craze Cat Toy
  • Each is Uniquely Colored

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